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The Real Ramblings - Ramblings from the mind of The Real Bill

Better Websites Through Deconstruction

Today we use site themes, caching, and javascript to essentially simulate ye olde frameset. We even have iframes. But we still generate this data serially on the server. We still generate the links from the DB, select the components and then build them into a complete page before sending the data to the browser. What I am asking is: do we have to?

Week two: Blue Light Experiment

For me, historically I generally don’t get sleepy. I am awake until my body gives in and simply goes to sleep – usually after a couple to several hours of trying to coax it there. So even getting sleepy more than 5 minutes before being asleep is tremendous.

Increasing Risk of Death?

While researching standing desk designs I saw a comment reading thusly:

Sitting all day increases your risk of death by up to 40%

Really? Unless I completely missed the biggest news story in history, our risk of death is still pretty much 100%. I’m not sure sitting at a desk really makes it 140%.

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